DigiWheel attendance at ICE London 2020

DigiWheel – the world’s first customisable Spinning Wheel game. Terminals or table versions run Big Six, Roulette or any wheel game variant. Games can be manually changed, scheduled or chosen by customers. DigiWheel’s rotating 2m HD circular screen can also show videos, promos and/or live sports/TV while in gaming use.

DigiWheel was born out of the creative minds of the Purcell family from Cork, Ireland. After working in the gaming industry for over 27 years, John Purcell and his sons embarked on a journey to create a device that would be used for many purposes in the gaming, promotional and entertainment industries. In fact, serving all three markets with one device.

Loving the simplicity of traditional funfair wheels, which then grew into wheels with flashing lights, John thought there has to be a way to deliver a circular screen that rotates to play the same games but also show additional content and feed it on the wheel and online. But not an animation, as many do today. A genuine rotating HD circular screen.

DigiWheel was first introduced to the world at G2E Las Vegas in October 2019.
We look forward to having the DigiWheel in all corners of the world. Not just in casino gaming, but in lottery companies, TV game shows and many more!

Visit us at Booth N1-144 at ICE London.