Wheel Options

DigiWheel Classic

Allowing operators to play multi-tier promotional games, all whilst using
the presentation layer to show TV,
Promotions or other material.

DigiWheel with Terminals

Our two metre DigiWheel combined
with five Terminals to create the
ultimate playing configuration
for consumers!

DigiWheel with Table

Our two metre DigiWheel combined with
a custom table, using two in-laid screens
to play any wheel game ever created,
hosted by a croupier!

Features & Benefits

360º Fully Rotating Wheel

A physically rotating screen, this is not an animation. However, while the screen rotates we can ‘fix’ content in the centre if you did not want it to rotate (such as TV broadcasts, bettings odds, menus, promotional messages etc.)

HD Circular Screen

HD screen for high resolution, high definition video, images and interactive content from any source; TV, media players, online, computer,
media cards and more.

Customisable Graphics

This is a HD screen. Whatever you can run on a computer screen or TV can be run on the 2m DigiWheel display. The power to do so is in the hands of operators, if they choose, or we can customise to suit.

Unlimited Custom Games

Simply, any wheel game ever created is available on every DigiWheel.

Video Streaming

Broadcast the game, TV shows, internet content or promo videos, in Full HD!

Custom Advertising

The power to show messaging to your customers on a DigiWheel is entirely in your hands.

Game Demos

Games Library